Be The Difference Event!

Be the Difference is an event hosted and sponsored by Pacific Castle and 4cthePower, it was held at the Hacienda Center, and granted that it was the first event ever held there it had a decent turn out. Here are a few photos of the event

Opening act was Catterfly


This is Jamie Hardy. Her music was the really, really mellow and sad type.  It really did sound mellow and sad.


Wilson High School Cheer Team. Horray.


Best Stage Presence award goes to Vudoo Soul with his amazing vocals singing Michael Jackson and other lively songs.


Alex Shiau rappin’


The next three photos are some of my favorite from the event. They’re photos of the local highschool kids ‘breakin’ it down old skool. Being among them made me feel young sometimes, and then super old at other times.




One of my favorite artists! Clara C. She’s got soul, talent, and beauty! I look forward to doing a portrait session with her very soon!


To “sing your heart out” is an expression best shown by the lead singer of this band called “Seriously.” Seriously.


This is IZ. If you’ve never seen him teach workshops to high school kids, let me tell you, his passion for music definitely shows when he’s teaching. Seriously.

I also come to learn that a crowd can get super excited over anything that is thrown into a crowd. Be it a t-shirt (clean or sweaty), drumstick etc. etc. I think if I was ever a performer I’d throw some random trash out just to see who would try and catch it. Seriously.


This is IZ’s silhouette. I like this photo because it represents his leadership. Seriously.


Hollywood’s paparazzi has nothing compared to these kids.


These are the world renown “Gamblerz” an internationally winning b-boy crew with moves that not even the word ‘sick’ can be sufficient enough to describe.  Their moves are ‘deathly ill.”


They make this look easy.


Often imitated and never duplicated…


This is none other than Kaba Modern, the offspring of UCI and America’s Best Dance Crew


This dude below is my buddy Lawrence Kao. The day before this show, he taught a dance workshop at Glen A Wilson High school (which was where him and I graduated.) Needless to say  the teeny bopper girls were so excited to see him that they formed a line to take photos with him. I was the guy that all the girls handed their camera to to take a photo of him. Yay. 😦


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  1. Freddy says:

    Awesome, recap.

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